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Touchdown for Tots Program

Touchdown for Tots is a 6-week hour-long program with a 1-hour session each week. This program is for beginners ages 4 and 5 (Pre-Kindergarten and/or Kindergarten) who are not ready for the recreational program and games.

Each week there will be warm-ups, small drills, and fun mini-games. Players will also begin to learn important aspects of football including positions, handoffs, catching, and more! 
No week is the same to ensure that kids will stay engaged in the hour-long practice each week.

How to Be a Good Sport Program

Each week there will be a new character trait to focus on during the practice including relevant games and drills. Each character trait is a small piece of learning sportsmanship and we hope this program starts to create good sports at a young age.

Teamwork - Players learn how to work alongside others and the importance of teamwork.

Encouragement - Players learn how to encourage and cheer on their teammates during practices and games.

Fairness - Players learn the importance of following the rules and letting everyone participate.

Helpfulness - Players learn how they can be helpful towards their coaches, teammates and opponents.

Respect - Players learn the importance of showing respect toward the coach, teammates, and officials.

Sportsmanship - All 5 of the first traits are a part of sportsmanship along with emphasizing the importance of being a good sport during the scrimmage.

If you have any questions about the Touchdown for Tots program or are wondering if it is right for your athlete, please email [email protected].

Tyreek Hill Flag Football

Tyreek Hill Flag Football